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Word: tick
IPA transcription: [t'ɪk]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: tick, ticking
    Meaning: a metallic tapping sound; "he counted the ticks of the clock"
  • Synonyms: tick
    Meaning: any of two families of small parasitic arachnids with barbed proboscis; feed on blood of warm-blooded animals
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: click, tick
    Meaning: make a clicking or ticking sound; "The clock ticked away"
  • Synonyms: tick, ticktock, ticktack, beat
    Meaning: make a sound like a clock or a timer; "the clocks were ticking"; "the grandfather clock beat midnight"
Usage examples
  • There was a silence during which the tick of the monumental ormolu clock on the white marble mantelpiece grew as loud as the boom of a minute-gun.
  • It was beautiful to hear that clock tick; and sometimes when one of these peddlers had been along and scoured her up and got her in good shape, she would start in and strike a hundred and fifty before she got tuckered out.
  • Now, the way I look at it, a hickry-bark ladder don't cost nothing, and don't waste nothing, and is just as good to load up a pie with, and hide in a straw tick, as any rag ladder you can start; and as for Jim, he ain't had no experience, and so he don't care what kind of a—"
  • And then came Mrs. Pepper with the big mending basket, and ensconced herself opposite by the table; and nothing was to be heard but the "tick, tick" of the clock, and an occasional dropping of a spool of thread, or scissors, from the busy hands flying in and out among the stockings.