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Word: tiled
IPA transcription: [t'aɪld]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: tiled
    Meaning: covered or furnished with tiles; "baths with tiled walls"; "a tiled kitchen"
Usage examples
  • When the door was tiled, and when the servants were gone, how could they be merry together?
  • But when close friends are together, a little conscious reticence is practised till the door is tiled.
  • She had tried to put them one side that she might look out when she awoke, but she could see only chimney-pots and grimy, irregularly tiled roofs.
  • At the first glance I was reminded of a museum. The tiled floor was thick with dust, and a remarkable array of miscellaneous objects was shrouded in the same grey covering.
  • Chris, frightened but resolute, found that by touching the head of the bird in the direction he wanted to go, the magic eagle would turn, and after a few moments to test out his new method of travel, Chris coasted over the gaily tiled roofs as he hunted for something.