Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: torches
IPA transcription: [t'ɔɹtʃɪz]
Usage examples
  • It was dark now, and torches were kindled.
  • Let us throw away our candles and our torches.
  • The torches were put out and the priests did their mysteries.
  • The Professor and I touched off our torches; and we moved slowly out the door toward the ranks of Quabos.
  • And boys of molten gold stood each on a polished altar, and held torches in their hands, to give light all night to the guests.
  • He could hear the sound of their footsteps and voices, and judge of their movements by the gleam of the torches many of them carried.
  • The electric lights, it said, were magic torches lighted for its sake, and it was so charmed with the footlights that the children could hardly persuade it to sit still.
  • At the entreaty of Their Dawnchild all the gods made Themselves stars for torches, and far away through all the sky followed the tracks of Night as far as he prowled abroad.
  • And when the maiden appeared, clad in her white smock, flames of fire curled about her, and the Romans brought some torches, and some straw, and some shavings, and fires were kindled in Rome again.
  • Every thicket was undergoing a thorough search, heads were thrown back and torches held high that eager blacks eyes might scan the tree-tops, and Jackson began to grow sick with the almost certainty of being taken, as several stout negroes drew nearer and nearer his chosen hiding-place.