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Word: tram
IPA transcription: [tɹ'æm]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: tram
    Meaning: travel by tram
Usage examples
  • Tram and tramp!
  • "There's a good tramp in front of us now that the last tram has gone.
  • They waited for the other tram by the Roman Catholic Church, whose florid bulk was already receding into twilight.
  • "Give that to the Captain," he said to his caddie, and without looking round, walked away in the direction of the tram.
  • "We shall miss the tram," said the Major, and, with the intention of giving annoyance, he sat down in the bunker with his back to Captain Puffin, and lit a cigarette.
  • Then the tram arrived--the slow stuffy tram that plies every twenty minutes between the unknown and the marketplace--and took them past the desecrated grounds of Downing, past Addenbrookes Hospital, girt like a Venetian palace with a mantling canal, past the Fitz William, towering upon immense substructions like any Roman temple, right up to the gates of one's own college, which looked like nothing else in the world.