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Word: tranquility
IPA transcription: [tɹæŋkw'ɪlɪti]
Pronunciations of tranquility
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: repose, quiet, placidity, serenity, tranquillity, tranquility
    Meaning: a disposition free from stress or emotion
Usage examples
  • The Empire was glorious abroad, and in the full Enjoyment of Tranquility, Peace and Plenty, at home: This, in short, was the true golden Age.
  • My plan, therefore, was not merely to educate and to cherish her as my own, but to adopt her the heiress of my small fortune, and to bestow her upon some worthy man, with whom she might spend her days in tranquility, cheerfulness, and good-humour, untainted by vice, folly, or ambition.
  • Laura went to bed at last with a mind that had gained largely in tranquility and had lost correspondingly in morbid romantic exaltation. She was pensive, the next day, and subdued; but that was not matter for remark, for she did not differ from the mournful friends about her in that respect.
  • There are, of course, among them a large number of men--among them, gentlemen, I place you--who conscientiously believe that they are justified in doing nothing whatever for the land which gave them or their ancestors birth; who would enjoy all the great natural wealth of this vast country without contributing toward the expense of the troops to whom it is due that they enjoy peace and tranquility.
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