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Word: trepidation
IPA transcription: [tɹ,ɛpɪd'eɪʃən]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: trepidation
    Meaning: a feeling of alarm or dread
Usage examples
  • I rise with some trepidation
  • The next moment she had been all trepidation.
  • Bella felt a little vague trepidation as to the subject-matter of this same consultation, until Mrs Boffin announced it.
  • But when the painter entered his studio in trepidation the next morning, he found that the form of the lovely Lilith was painted out of every picture in the room.
  • How it had been felt by all concerned that the fortunes of the Small House were in the ascendant,--felt, indeed, with some trepidation, but still with much inward triumph.
  • Having descended, as I said before, to about one hundred feet from the surface of the earth, the little old gentleman was suddenly seized with a fit of trepidation, and appeared disinclined to make any nearer approach to terra firma.