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Word: tributaries
IPA transcription: [tɹ'ɪbjət,ɛɹiz]
Pronunciations of tributaries
Usage examples
  • A peculiar phenomenon, for the river displaces itself to feed its own tributaries!
  • They represent, I think, the successive snowfalls from heavy storms on the tributaries.
  • It is peculiar to a certain number of these tributaries of the Amazon, which differ greatly in importance.
  • Terraces were formed running up the Ohio and its tributaries corresponding to the level that the water must have risen to if the valley were filled up with ice.
  • Through this country runs one of the world's greatest rivers, the Orinoco, which with its tributaries furnishes more than four thousand miles of navigable rivers.
  • One of the tributaries on the right side, about three miles above the front, has been entirely melted off from the trunk and has receded two or three miles, forming an independent glacier.
  • The experience was of some years ago in China, far up-country, towards the head-waters of the Yang- tze-kiang, where the smaller tributaries spread out in a sort of natural irrigation scheme to supply the wilderness of paddy-fields.
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