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Word: triumphed
IPA transcription: [tɹ'aɪəmft]
Usage examples
  • Then she triumphed.
  • "Of course you haven't," triumphed Bertram.
  • The thought of these monks was to show how Christianity had triumphed over heathenism.
  • He feels as though he had been carrying on a war against the planet and had triumphed; but his gratulation was premature.
  • For he was so much bigger than she was, so wonderful in the way he had triumphed over diseased thinking, and his wholesomeness would spread over her too, a purging, disinfecting influence, if only he would let her talk, if only he would help her to laugh.
  • The queen demanded vengeance for the death of her brother; the fair Isoude trembled and grew pale, but a murmur rose from all the assembly that the life of one so handsome and so brave should not be taken for such a cause, and generosity finally triumphed over resentment in the mind of the king.
  • We were out in the open air once more, and I had triumphed; I was quite sure that she would tell the first person she met, for, as I have said before, she was entirely taken up with me, and to have kept me to herself would have required far more strength and unselfishness than she at that moment possessed.