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Word: troublesome
IPA transcription: [tɹ'ʌbəlsəm]
Pronunciations of troublesome
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: troublesome
    Meaning: difficult to deal with; "a troublesome infection"; "a troublesome situation"
Usage examples
  • It's going to be rather troublesome
  • The child gets more and more troublesome, I do think.
  • Daughters are twice more troublesome than their mothers."
  • It was troublesome to go further because the hummocks and the tangled bushes began.
  • Memory should hold the events of a very troublesome march with more troubles ahead.
  • He was silent again for a little; then said kindly, "I think I had better take you away from these troublesome talkers.
  • A dog accustomed to the lap is always shivering after it, and renders himself quite troublesome by his importunate addresses.
  • Now I'm afraid it will take a deal of trouble to get him safe again, and we have three very troublesome beasts instead of two.
  • Some of the ponies are very troublesome, but all except two have been running to-day, and until this evening there were no excitements.
  • It was very strange that he should come to Longbourn instead of to Lucas Lodge; it was also very inconvenient and exceedingly troublesome.
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