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Word: turkeys
IPA transcription: [t'…Ěkiz]
Pronunciations of turkeys
Usage examples
  • Make him come in, and put him with the turkeys and chickens.'
  • At holiday time, however, it seems that the post trader sends to St. Louis for turkeys, celery, canned oysters, and other things.
  • "Yet, let not Mr. W. despair; he has given immortality to a wagon, and the bee Sophocles has transmitted to eternity a sore toe, and dignified a tragedy with a chorus of turkeys.
  • Josiah, he starts right off in the opposite direction to the Beargrass fort--we called it a fort, but it was nothin' but a stockade. The way we boys scattered was like a brood o' young turkeys, or pa'tridges, strikin' for cover when the old one is shot.
  • All the game protected by the laws of the state is debarred from sale; squirrels, pinnated grouse, doves and wild turkeys enjoy long close seasons; the bag limits on deer and game birds are reasonably low; spring shooting still is possible on nine species of ducks; and this should be stopped without delay.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording The Livestock Conservancy, License CC BY-SA 4.0