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Word: turks
IPA transcription: [t'╔Łks]
Pronunciations of turks
Usage examples
  • The Seljouk Turks were now drawing near.
  • They are unpopular and unorthodox, and no true Turks. But Germany has.
  • It was only that the wretched Turks had to pay twice for the lot of it.
  • Great Britain and France supported the Turks and active fighting commenced.
  • Cat's-eye or Sun-stone of the Turks is a kind of gem found chiefly in Siberia.
  • I said nothing, reflecting that the stuff was for the Turks and they naturally had to have some say in its handling.
  • With colours more, groundwork or broidery Never in cloth did Tartars make nor Turks, Nor were such tissues by Arachne laid.
  • Romanus took in hand with the greatest vigour the task of repelling the Turks, which his predecessor had so grievously neglected.
  • So exactly were all his plans laid, that the war with Sweden was declared on the very next day after the truce of the Turks was concluded.
  • Of these six events the two that belong to the second period are, the conquest of the land by the Arabs and its subsequent seizure by the Turks.
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