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Word: tying
IPA transcription: [t'aɪɪŋ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: tying, ligature
    Meaning: the act of tying or binding things together
Usage examples
  • The spaceman used it in tying the sack of possessions firmly to Doc's suit.
  • But that idea of tying himself down to a household was in itself distasteful to him.
  • The strangers left their steeds standing, each tying a rein to a stirrup, then introduced themselves.
  • "Yes, and tying a string round the right place on your leg when you've cut an artery," added Harry, eagerly.
  • "And there's a five-cent piece in that one for you to ride up with," said her mother, tying up the purse carefully.
  • All the flesh is now to be cut off the bones, and packed into the sack; which is then to be inflated, and secured by tying up the open end.
  • It was not until he had reached his own room and was tying his necktie that he became aware of a sound that lingered unpleasantly in his ears.
  • From the bottom of the sea I saw them take up an anchor of six hundredweight, tying a cable to it with great dexterity, and pulling it from a rock.
  • The fault of the previous plan, is the trouble of tying the string to the trigger; since the curvature is usually such as to make it a matter of some painstaking to fix it securely.
  • He's Farmer Green, and he's an awful angry man; he gave Sam such a thrashing for tying an old saucepan to one of his pigs' tails. He won't know who has done it, and I did tie the knots awful tight.'