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Word: ugliness
IPA transcription: ['ʌɡlinəs]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: ugliness
    Meaning: qualities of appearance that do not give pleasure to the senses
Usage examples
  • Between sobs and feminine maledictions she poured the whole story, in all its ugliness, into the ears of the princess.
  • Two ancient ladies were seated on the other side already--very grand-looking dames, with the haughty and exclusive ugliness of the English aristocracy in its later stages.
  • He had long lamented the backward condition of arts of design in England, and the consequent ugliness of the various objects in the sight and use of which human beings pass their lives.
  • She threw herself upon his body, thinking nothing at all of his ugliness; and finding his heart still beat, she ran and fetched some water from a pond in the garden, and threw it on his face.
  • Of course she could not help her ugliness, and nobody would have disliked her for that, if she had not been of such an unpleasant temper that she hated everything sweet and beautiful, and especially Graciosa.
  • When in other lands I roam And sing "There is no place like home." In this respect I must confess That no place has its ugliness. Here on my mother's granite breast We settled down and took our rest. On Saturday we ventured forth To push our journey to the North.
  • And as soon as he had finished Karl, he began once more to paint Lilith; and when he had painted her, he composed a picture for the very purpose of introducing them together; and in this picture there was neither ugliness nor torture, but human feeling and human hope instead.