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Word: unattractive
IPA transcription: [,ʌnətɹ'æktɪv]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: unattractive
    Meaning: lacking beauty or charm; "as unattractive as most mining regions"
  • Synonyms: unattractive
    Meaning: lacking power to arouse interest; "being unemployed is a most unattractive prospect"
Usage examples
  • To William the idea of reform was new and startling and not wholly unattractive.
  • But that would not disqualify me from saying that road- sweeping was an unattractive profession.
  • They were good-natured, plain, unattractive girls, who spoke of her to her face as one who could easily do anything to which she might put her hand. Lady Fawn did really love her.
  • And German compared with French is an unattractive language; unmelodious, unwieldy, and cursed with a hideous and blinding lettering that the German is too patriotic to sacrifice.
  • If he had been able to do that, he would have said to himself: "We have here an animal of most peculiar and unattractive appearance, though, upon examination, it seems to be only a cat stealing a fishbone. Nevertheless, as the thief is large beyond all my recollection of cats and has an unpleasant stare, I will leave this spot at once."
  • And we must beg Homer and the other poets not to be angry if we strike out these and similar passages, not because they are unpoetical, or unattractive to the popular ear, but because the greater the poetical charm of them, the less are they meet for the ears of boys and men who are meant to be free, and who should fear slavery more than death.