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Word: unbroken
IPA transcription: [ənbɹ'oʊkən]
Pronunciations of unbroken
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: unbroken
    Meaning: marked by continuous or uninterrupted extension in space or time or sequence; "cars in an unbroken procession"; "the unbroken quiet of the afternoon"
  • Synonyms: unbroken
    Meaning: not subdued or trained for service or use; "unbroken colts"
Usage examples
  • I went eagerly to every unbroken case.
  • The silence remained unbroken for an hour.
  • They had seen no one, near or distant, for a long time; and the solitude remained unbroken.
  • Her spirit, however, was unbroken, for no sooner was she released than she commenced a fresh action against her accuser.
  • A tall youth rushed forward, seized his hand and shook it violently, meanwhile uttering cries of welcome in an unbroken stream.
  • But as often as he gained the soft unbroken earth and the green shade, the love for John Thornton drew him back to the fire again.
  • It should be noted that the layers of flake nickel extend practically unbroken across the tube and make contact with the metal wall at both sides.
  • The mountain before him might be eight hundred feet high, and was only a portion of a long unbroken range, savagely wooded, which followed the stream.
  • The minutes passed slowly in the darkness, and there was an unbroken silence save for the breathing of the watchers and the restless movements of Mrs. Clear near the window.
  • The unbroken whiteness of the uplands told that, and, even as they spoke, there came up the hill the dark figures of the farm men with shovels, on their way to dig out the sheep.
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