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Word: uncontrollable
IPA transcription: [,ʌnkəntɹ'oʊləbəl]
Pronunciations of uncontrollable
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: uncontrollable, unmanageable
    Meaning: difficult to solve or alleviate; "uncontrollable pain"
Usage examples
  • The career of the horseman was indisputably, on his own part, uncontrollable.
  • He became possessed by uncontrollable agitation,--half raising himself in bed.
  • In school they looked and looked at each other until delicious, uncontrollable giggling spells came on.
  • "Felix had accidentally been present at the trial; his horror and indignation were uncontrollable when he heard the decision of the court.
  • With an uncontrollable pang of pain she dropped her hands from the fastenings of her cloak, and wrung them together in front of her--a dumb gesture of contrition and of grief.
  • During the remainder of the ride he caught himself time after time gazing reflectively at the back of her proud little head, possessed of an almost uncontrollable desire to touch the soft brown hair.
  • "Then I'll go too!" thundered Roland, who, truth to say, had flown into an uncontrollable passion, startling Jenkins and arousing Mr. Galloway. "I'll not stop in a place where that sort of injustice goes on!
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