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Word: undergo
IPA transcription: [,ʌndɚɡ'oʊ]
Pronunciations of undergo
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: undergo
    Meaning: pass through; "The chemical undergoes a sudden change"; "The fluid undergoes shear"; "undergo a strange sensation"
Usage examples
  • These, to be sure, undergo no dream distortion.
  • Before it is fit to be eaten, however, it has to undergo an additional process.
  • We can imagine the weary life this poor Pump, this martyr to Mammon, is compelled to undergo.
  • When we experience something we act upon it, we do something with it; then we suffer or undergo the consequences.
  • You can understand that a man who has such views will never allow himself to be taken, or if taken, will undergo martyrdom rather than speak."
  • Then slowly and with a short look at her: "The woman who has queened it so long in C---- society can not wish to undergo the charge of bigamy?"
  • If you died and had led a righteous life you went to Paradise; if you had been wicked you went to the lower regions to undergo eternal punishment.
  • After the rains have fallen, some of the tribe always undergo a surgical operation, which consists in cutting the skin of their chest and arms with a sharp flint.
  • I am informed by Mr. Blackwall that the sexes whilst young usually resemble each other; and both often undergo great changes in colour during their successive moults, before arriving at maturity.
  • 'Well, you may live', said the lad, 'but you shall undergo the same punishment you gave me'; and so he burned out the Troll's eyes, and turned him adrift on the sea in a little boat, but he had no lions to follow him.
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