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Word: undertook
IPA transcription: [,ʌndɚt'ʊk]
Pronunciations of undertook
Usage examples
  • Antonia undertook to explain.
  • "No!--you undertook to do so."
  • Well, the eldest son undertook the task.
  • After having been towed, it undertook to tow.
  • Well, on the third day the youngest son undertook the task.
  • The queen undertook his cure, and by a medicated bath gradually restored him to health.
  • So I got his ship's papers, and the manifests of cargo, and undertook to see to the trans-shipment.
  • However, he, for a hundred pounds, undertook to wet all the priming, and assist in taking the ship.
  • He undertook to be at Durnmelling at the time appointed, and to let nothing prevent him from seeing his new client.
  • Yesterday Douglas, having chosen to consider himself insulted by something in the 'Journal,' undertook to cane Francis in the street.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Hillary Clinton, License CC BY-SA 4.0