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Word: uneasiness
IPA transcription: [,ʌn'izinəs]
Pronunciations of uneasiness
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: edginess, uneasiness, inquietude, disquietude
    Meaning: feelings of anxiety that make you tense and irritable
Usage examples
  • I hope it contains nothing to add to your uneasiness.
  • Elinor's uneasiness was at least equal to her mother's.
  • I soon, however, grew accustomed to it, and my uneasiness wore off.
  • "Then that wasn't you over in the orchard?" asked Tom, in some uneasiness.
  • 'I think you are too apprehensive by much; I am sorry for your uneasiness.
  • O my foolish fears of bulls and robbers!--For now all my uneasiness begins to double upon me.
  • That would have accounted for his stealthy movements and also for the uneasiness of his wife.
  • And now an indescribable uneasiness possessed me--a species of nervous hesitation and tremor.
  • Seeing her laugh, his uneasiness on her account diminished, and he addressed her in a vivacious tone himself.
  • Shops were open, and there seemed even less uneasiness among the street crowds than there had been the day before.
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