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Word: unfamiliar
IPA transcription: [,ʌnfəm'ɪljɚ]
Pronunciations of unfamiliar
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: unfamiliar
    Meaning: not known or well known; "a name unfamiliar to most"; "be alert at night especially in unfamiliar surroundings"
Usage examples
  • The music was unfamiliar.
  • A Cat's love of the sunshine is well known, and perhaps this story may not be unfamiliar to the reader:--
  • His fellow passengers, in unfamiliar costumes, were standing about with their eyes glued upon the distant docks.
  • It had decayed in the spring, disintegrating the girls more than they knew, and causing either to accost unfamiliar regions.
  • Sandridge glanced quickly at the dark mass of pear when he heard a slight squeaking sound that was not altogether unfamiliar.
  • When he raised his head Marian saw that he looked older, and she noticed--or fancied she did--that there was some unfamiliar peculiarity about his eyes.
  • He began to hear new or unfamiliar names, Early, and Ewell, and Jackson, and Lee, and Johnston, and Hill, and Stuart, and Ashby, names that he would never forget, but names that as yet meant little to him.
  • Therefore it is that he scurries from some open place of revelation, some storm of emotion, some strength-testing struggle, back into the shelter of the obvious; finding it an intellectual environment that demands no slightest expenditure of mental energy or initiative, strength to sally forth again into the unfamiliar.
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