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Word: uniforms
IPA transcription: [j'unəf,ɔɹmz]
Pronunciations of uniforms
Usage examples
  • They were wrapped in cloaks, but cloaks and uniforms alike were sodden.
  • Men in various uniforms were coming and going in an aimless way, and doing a great deal of talking....
  • "Why can't King George's men and King Louis' men do on their uniforms and fight it out over our heads?"
  • We trust, in plumed procession, For such the angels go, Rank after rank, with even feet And uniforms of snow.
  • He noted the remnants of the uniforms upon the blacks and immediately he demanded to know where were their officers.
  • They were brought in with their uniforms covered with filth and blood, and were laid in long rows on the floors of the hospital where few cots were to be found.
  • A rifle corps was to be formed: she hoped that the boys would have proper uniforms, instead of shooting in their old clothes, as Mr. Jackson had suggested. There was Tewson; could nothing be done about him?
  • The Porto Ricans enlisted in the American regular army are reported to have increased at once in strength, weight, and vigor; the Filipino recruits, thanks to the American army rations, soon outgrew their uniforms.
  • Between it and the square was a marble-paved court, with gates of brass, at which stood sentries in gorgeous uniforms, and to which was affixed the following proclamation in letters of gold, large enough for Agnes to read:--
  • Improper inspections resulted in high profits, for the army contractors made uniforms out of shoddy and leather accouterments from paper, filled the cores of hay bales with kale stocks and cheated the Government right and left without forbearance or conscience.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts of America), License CC BY-SA 4.0