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Word: unnecessarily
IPA transcription: [ənn'ɛsəs,ɛɹəli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: unnecessarily
    Meaning: in an unnecessary manner; "they were unnecessarily rude"
Usage examples
  • Quite unnecessarily he allowed that this was so.
  • "Diane, you are torturing yourself unnecessarily.
  • The boys winked at one another gravely behind his back and jerked their thumbs knowingly toward Milk River; by which pantomime they reminded one another--quite unnecessarily that Mona Stevens had come home.
  • In conclusion, I dwelt, with a convincing energy, upon the perils that encompass the course of love--that course of true love that never did run smooth--and thus deduced the manifest danger of rendering that course unnecessarily long.
  • She dared not discuss the matter with Aunt Kate, for Nan feared to worry that good woman unnecessarily. Besides, having been used to hiding from her own mother all unpleasant things, the girl naturally displayed the same thoughtfulness for Aunt Kate.