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Word: unshaken
IPA transcription: [ənʃ'eɪkən]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: undaunted, undismayed, unshaken
    Meaning: unshaken in purpose; "wholly undismayed by the commercial failure of the three movies he had made"
Usage examples
  • "Before Mercedes should die," replied Fernand, with the accents of unshaken resolution, "I would die myself!"
  • Her mind was deeply imbued with religious feeling, and an unshaken confidence in God as her only trust; she connected herself with the A.M.E.
  • I had determined, on Naomi's account, to clear the matter up; but it is only candid to add that my doubts of John Jago's existence remained unshaken by the letter.
  • She led the conversation on to the burning topic of the quality of various ciders, and was so well seconded by her friend who shared her secret, that her guests almost forgot to watch her, and her face wore its wonted look; her self-possession was unshaken.