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Word: uplifted
IPA transcription: ['ʌplɪftɪd]
Pronunciations of uplifted
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: uplifted
    Meaning: exalted emotionally especially with pride
Usage examples
  • These thoughts uplifted him.
  • Then, as his wife rose to get some forgotten article, he questioned, with uplifted eyebrows:
  • His very muscles seemed to relax, and new strength arose to meet the demands of his uplifted spirit.
  • My heart was uplifted more than I can say.--She knew her mother too well to be caught by the change in her tone.
  • In this wise I exclaimed with face uplifted; And the three, taking that for my reply, Looked at each other, as one looks at truth.
  • A tall and powerful Huron, who had husbanded his forces, pressed close upon his heels, and with an uplifted arm menaced a fatal blow.
  • For a day--for two days--the bachelors were demoralized at the fall of their leader, and the Knights of the Rose were proportionately uplifted.
  • Now and then he made the night journey to Darreuch Castle and each time she met him with her frank childlike kiss he was more amazed and uplifted by her aspect.
  • And when he offered up to God the Sacrifice of the saving Victim, he commended his prayer to the Lord, not with uplifted voice, but with tears drawn from the bottom of his heart.
  • "Farewell!" we cried to our dearests; little we cared for their tears. "Farewell!" we cried to the humdrum and the yoke of the hireling years; Just like a pack of school-boys, and the big crowd cheered us good-bye. Never were hearts so uplifted, never were hopes so high.
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