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Word: utterance
IPA transcription: ['ʌtɚəns]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: utterance, vocalization
    Meaning: the use of uttered sounds for auditory communication
Usage examples
  • Tears of shame and despair choked her utterance.
  • They were the utterance of the human heart, and in them there was that touch of nature which makes all men kin.
  • And he to me: "Unwillingly I tell it; But forces me thine utterance distinct, Which makes me recollect the ancient world.
  • Sandford interrupted the menace prepared for utterance, saying, "and you still mean, I suppose, to make Mr. Rushbrook your heir?"
  • Distinct utterance comes slowly to the child with normal hearing, and still more slowly and imperfectly to the child whose hearing is not good.
  • They even seem to unite in some vague utterance of the sentiment that the landlord and landlady will make a pretty good profit out of this, and they almost carry themselves like customers.
  • But when the thing should have been once done, when she should once have owned that Rachel was not wrong, then gradually she could bring herself round to the utterance of some kindly expression.
  • Emily wished to speak, to end her doubts, whether this figure were human or supernatural; but her courage failed as often as she attempted utterance, till the light moved again under the casement, and she faintly demanded, who passed.
  • Whatever may have been in his thoughts, he said nothing, beyond giving utterance to the simple exclamation "Good!" and, with satisfaction stamped upon his features, he moved on, the old mare appearing to mock him by an imitative stride!
  • Inconsequent words, but the sergeant meant to remember them, for with their utterance, a change passed over the judge; and his manner, which had been constrained and hurried during his attempted description, became at once more natural, and therefore more courteous.