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Word: vaults
IPA transcription: [v'ɔlts]
Usage examples
  • This river had not always run under the vaults of Hades.
  • Not far away are the great vaults known as Solomon's Quarries.
  • Yet I wanted to penetrate farther underneath, though a chill fell upon me as soon as I came under those cellular vaults.
  • The writer rambled for hours through these great underground vaults and saw the holes in the stone pillars where the horses were tied.
  • And this once populous and happy royal residence quickly became an uninhabited ruin, which no one dared approach, for fear of the basilisk lurking in its underground vaults.
  • "But Lenin has issued an order to dynamite the State Bank vaults, and there is a Decree just out, ordering the private banks to open to-morrow, or we will open them ourselves!"