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Word: veiled
IPA transcription: [v'eɪld]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: veiled
    Meaning: having or as if having a veil or concealing cover; "a veiled dancer"; "a veiled hat"; "veiled threats"; "veiled insults"
Usage examples
  • It was a veiled one.
  • Suggestions of veiled and vibrant feeling
  • Administering a little deft though veiled castigation
  • The Past had come from its grave, veiled, like the ghost in the garden that he had seen yesterday.
  • Entwined on every side, surrounded and surmounted, the bush disappears from view, veiled in white muslin.
  • A tall figure, so wrapped and veiled that nothing but the womanly outline could be discerned, entered, supported by John Hewett.
  • Come Death, so subtly veiled that I Thy coming know not, how or when, Lest it should give me life again To find how sweet it is to die.
  • "I cannot describe her features, for she was heavily veiled; neither can I describe her figure except to say that she is tall and slender.
  • Mrs. Wyatt had been closely veiled; and when she raised her veil, in acknowledging my bow, I confess that I was very profoundly astonished.
  • Then they returned to Shahrazad and displayed her in the second dress, a suit of surpassing goodliness, and veiled her face with her hair like a chin-veil.