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Word: veneer
IPA transcription: [vən'ɪɹ]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: veneer
    Meaning: cover with veneer; "veneer the furniture to protect it"
Usage examples
  • Civilization (which is part of the circle of his imaginings) has spread a veneer over the surface of the soft-shelled animal known as man.
  • Tell a plains Indian that he has failed to steal horses from the neighbouring tribe, or tell a man living in bourgeois society that he has failed to pay his bills at the neighbouring grocer's, and the results are the same. Each, plains Indian and bourgeois, is smeared with a slightly different veneer, that is all.
  • Then he said: 'Well, Epstein, good-bye, I've got to go down to Wall Street.' Epstein and his assistant then attempted to lift the boxes to carry them out, but couldn't; and then discovered that calculations as to quantity had been thrown out because the boxes had all been screwed down to the floor and mostly filled with boards with a veneer of brass chips.