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Word: vestibule
IPA transcription: [v'ɛstɪbj,ul]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: anteroom, antechamber, entrance_hall, hall, foyer, lobby, vestibule
    Meaning: a large entrance or reception room or area
Usage examples
  • Lydia's voice was heard in the vestibule; the door was thrown open, and she ran into the room.
  • Following the Demon, the young man ascended a flight of steps, and so entered the vestibule of the palace.
  • On all the four walls of this vestibule were placed pairs of horns--about a hundred pairs altogether, all of which I had shot myself.
  • And so in my trouble, as I walked up and down the oak-panelled vestibule of my house there in Yorkshire, I longed once more to throw myself into the arms of Nature.
  • Remember the magnificent oval guard-room, running into a vestibule at either end; the egg-chamber slung in the centre and isolated on every side by half a score of pillars; the front-hall expanding into a wide mouth and surmounted by a network of taut threads forming a trap.