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Word: vice-president
IPA transcription: [v'aɪspɹ'ɛzədənt]
Usage examples
  • So I and the vice-president of the company, Mr. Mallory, crowded through the manhole to see why the ore would not come down.
  • To their Excellencies Von Underduk and Rub-a-dub, President and Vice-President of the States' College of Astronomers, in the city of Rotterdam.
  • H. Stephens, President and Vice-President of the C. S. A.; Adams, Winthrop, Sumner, and the galaxy over whom his solitary star was to shine dazzlingly.
  • 1856--Organized the Republican Party and became its chief; nominated vice-president, but was not chosen by its first convention; worked for the Fremont-Dayton presidential ticket.