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Word: viceroy
IPA transcription: [v'aɪsɹɔɪ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: viceroy, Limenitis_archippus
    Meaning: showy American butterfly resembling the monarch but smaller
  • Synonyms: viceroy, vicereine
    Meaning: governor of a country or province who rules as the representative of his or her king or sovereign
Usage examples
  • D'Aubigny fell ill; and Louis XII. sent to Naples, with the title of viceroy, Louis d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours, a brave warrior, but a negotiator inclined to take umbrage and to give offence.
  • After ravaging, plundering, and burning several towns on the Peruvian coast, after sinking all the vessels that he met with, and amassing a considerable booty, De Noort, hearing that a squadron commanded by the brother of the viceroy, Don Luis de Velasco, had been sent in pursuit of him, judged it time to make for the Ladrone Islands, where he anchored on the 16th of September.