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Word: viciously
IPA transcription: [v'ɪʃəsli]
Pronunciations of viciously
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: viciously, brutally, savagely
    Meaning: in a vicious manner; "he was viciously attacked"
Usage examples
  • It shot out great long sparks, which snapped viciously through the air.
  • “Very truly the devil’s,” growled Larry, snapping his cigarette case viciously.
  • "Get out," mumbled Stacy sleepily, at the same time kicking viciously with the disturbed foot.
  • The other, farther away, drifted down diagonally, its disintegrator ray playing viciously over the ground below it.
  • He took the pipe from his mouth, pressed the tobacco viciously into the bowl, and swore steadily in Gaelic until I was ready to choke him.
  • The hand of the American, when Lanyard clasped it, was cold, as cold as ice; and as their eyes met that abominable cough laid hold of the man, as it were by the nape of his neck, and shook him viciously.
  • Some of them pecked at the eyes of the Gump, which hung over the nest in a helpless condition; but the Gump's eyes were of glass and could not be injured. Others of the Jackdaws rushed at the Saw-Horse; but that animal, being still upon his back, kicked out so viciously with his wooden legs that he beat off as many assailants as did the Woodman's axe.
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