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Word: vienna
IPA transcription: [vi'ɛnə]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Vienna, Austrian_capital, capital_of_Austria
    Meaning: the capital and largest city of Austria; located on the Danube in northeastern Austria; was the home of Beethoven and Brahms and Haydn and Mozart and Schubert and Strauss
Usage examples
  • (Vienna, December 28, 1782, to his father.
  • It is preserved in the Court Library in Vienna.)
  • 'Ah yes, madame, I recollect him well in Vienna.
  • 'You were in Vienna then!' the Cantankerous Old Lady mused back.
  • For the first time in my experience I missed the charm and gaiety of Vienna life.
  • 'Indeed, miladi, your admirable husband was one of the very first to exert his influence in my favour at Vienna.
  • 'Yes, they were delightful days in Vienna,' she said, simpering; 'I was young then, Count; I enjoyed life with a zest.'
  • It was in this state of the affair that the tidings of what had occurred reached Peter in Vienna, as is related in the last chapter.
  • (Vienna, April 28, 1784, to his father in Salzburg, whither the pianist Richter, whom he recommends to his father, is going on a concert trip.)
  • Some three weeks later chance had taken me to Vienna, and I sat one evening regaling myself in a humble but excellent little Gasthaus up in the Wahringer quarter.