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Word: vindication
IPA transcription: [vɪndək'eɪʃən]
Pronunciations of vindication
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: vindication, exoneration
    Meaning: the act of vindicating or defending against criticism or censure etc.; "friends provided a vindication of his position"
Usage examples
  • My vindication will come, however.
  • In a defeat there would be a roundabout vindication of himself.
  • The poor were suffering, and the truth was crying out for vindication!
  • There was an amount of pleasure to him in watching the wild march of this vindication.
  • If he is to be proud of his profession, and in that lonely moment tolerant of himself, he must feel that he is taking a noble part in the vindication of legal right, the punishment of legal wrong.
  • Nor was Darcy's vindication, though grateful to her feelings, capable of consoling her for such discovery. Most earnestly did she labour to prove the probability of error, and seek to clear the one without involving the other.
  • It was a faint prognostic of that hissing, gathered by Tito from certain indications when he was before the council, which gave his present conduct the character of an epoch to him, and made him dwell on it with argumentative vindication.
  • "Sanguinary have been the instruments of my sovereign's rule in Scotland," replied Montgomery; "but such cruelty is foreign to his gallant heart; and without offending that high-souled patriotism, which would make me revere its possessor, were he the lowliest man in your legions, allow me, noblest of Scots, to plead one word in vindication of him to whom my allegiance is pledged.
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