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Word: void
IPA transcription: [v'ɔɪd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: null, void
    Meaning: lacking any legal or binding force; "null and void"
Usage examples
  • VOID.
  • "I mean it would fall down," said the monk, looking wistfully into the void.
  • He trained his gaze into the void and succeeded only in augmenting the pain back of his eyes.
  • Hobbes would have it that man is naturally void of fear, and always intent upon attacking and fighting.
  • By September it was a corpse, void of emotion, and scarcely hallowed by the memories of thirty years of happiness.
  • His tail was wholly quivering in the void, Contorting upwards the envenomed fork, That in the guise of scorpion armed its point.
  • And there I, a fragile flake of soul dust, flickered silently across the void, from the distant blue, into the expanse of the unknown.
  • But the more successful he is in stuffing everything into his self-consciousness, the more desolate will the void become which surrounds him.
  • As I gazed at it on that far-gone night it seemed to call across the unthinkable void, to lure me to it, to draw me as the lodestone attracts a particle of iron.
  • They embrace all unseen agencies, they are void of personality, and yet to the illogical primitive man there is nothing contradictory in making them the object of his prayers.