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Word: wading
IPA transcription: [w'eɪdɪŋ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: wading
    Meaning: walking with your feet in shallow water
Usage examples
  • One day an Indian hunter, wading in the deep waters, spied the boy.
  • Girls yoke themselves to a plough and drag it into a river, wading in the water up to their girdles.
  • ----Meanwhile, the keen-eyed heron, wading up to its breast in the water, comes softly and silently trawling through the ditch.
  • Even the sharp-eyed heron, which had dropped down unnoticed about a dozen yards off, and was now noiselessly, with slow, cautious steps, wading nearer and nearer, took her at the first glance for a stick.
  • Not to mention our own necessary security can we better express our gratitude to Heaven for that pure light with which we are, above all nations, so eminently distinguished, than by conveying the same divine knowledge to our unhappy neighbors, who are wading through a sea of blood in order to attain it?