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Word: watchman
IPA transcription: [w'ɑtʃmən]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: watchman, watcher, security_guard
    Meaning: a guard who keeps watch
Usage examples
  • "See!" cried the watchman, "the sky is on fire!"
  • "They're—they're—are you the watchman of the boat?"
  • "I give you peace," the watchman said to Joseph and the Beth Dagonite.
  • By the gate, hugging his mantle close, the watchman walked; at times he stopped, attracted by a stir among the sleeping herds, or by a jackal's cry off on the mountain-side.
  • It could not help disturbing us slightly, just as the night watchman often cannot avoid making a little noise while he drives away the rioters who would awaken us with their noise.
  • Behind this the logs were gathered in an orderly, compact mass and the men could generally get their sleep, save for the watchman; unless there came a sudden rise of water in the night.
  • And presently the voices of the two speakers were hushed, or were replaced by the gentle but unromantic music of the nose; and save when the church bells tolled the hour and the watchman called it, all was silent at the house of John Sedley, Esquire, of Russell Square, and the Stock Exchange.