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Word: welch
IPA transcription: [w'ɛltʃ]
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: welsh, welch
    Meaning: cheat by avoiding payment of a gambling debt
Usage examples
  • William Welch had settled ten years before on this spot, which was then far removed from the nearest habitation.
  • Mr. Welch," he shouted, "it is all safe here, so far as we know; we are all on the lookout to cover you as you come up."
  • 'What relation there is between the Welch and Irish language, or between the language of Ireland and that of Biscay, deserves enquiry.
  • Mr. Welch's farm was the only one along the lake that had escaped, and the loss the Indians had sustained in attacking it had been so heavy that they were not likely to make an expedition in that quarter, where the chances of booty were so small and the certainty of a desperate resistance so great.