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Word: wench
IPA transcription: [w'ɛntʃ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: dame, doll, wench, skirt, chick, bird
    Meaning: informal terms for a (young) woman
verb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: wench
    Meaning: frequent prostitutes
Usage examples
  • "Yes, I remember the wench.
  • "What's the matter, my wench?" said Job, hastily.
  • There's enough plunder in the town to tempt the lads, and there's the wench for you.
  • The truth is that the one I saw was a country wench, and I set her down to be a country wench; and if that was Dulcinea it must not be laid at my door, nor should I be called to answer for it or take the consequences.
  • For in truth and earnest, I know from good authority that the coarse country wench who jumped up on the ass was and is Dulcinea del Toboso, and that worthy Sancho, though he fancies himself the deceiver, is the one that is deceived; and that there is no more reason to doubt the truth of this, than of anything else we never saw.
  • Sancho upon this related to her, word for word, what has been said already touching that adventure, and having heard it the duchess said, "From this occurrence it may be inferred that, as the great Don Quixote says he saw there the same country wench Sancho saw on the way from El Toboso, it is, no doubt, Dulcinea, and that there are some very active and exceedingly busy enchanters about."