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Word: wendy
IPA transcription: [w'ɛndi]
Usage examples
  • Now Wendy understood.
  • "I can't help you, Wendy.
  • "Let us draw lots," Wendy said bravely.
  • Affrighted though she was, Wendy swelled with pride.
  • Wendy was crying, for it was the first tragedy she had seen.
  • To Wendy's pain the answer that rang out this time was "Yes."
  • She clung to him; she refused to go without him; but with a "Good-bye, Wendy," he pushed her from the rock; and in a few minutes she was borne out of his sight.
  • Of course Wendy was very elated over Peter's cleverness; but she knew that he would be elated also and very likely crow and thus betray himself, so at once her hand went out to cover his mouth.
  • In the light of the lantern Wendy saw his hook grip the boat's side; she saw his evil swarthy face as he rose dripping from the water, and, quaking, she would have liked to swim away, but Peter would not budge.
  • The rock was not much larger than their great bed, but of course they all knew how not to take up much room, and they were dozing, or at least lying with their eyes shut, and pinching occasionally when they thought Wendy was not looking.