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Word: willoughby
IPA transcription: [w'ɪləbi]
Usage examples
  • It must be Willoughby therefore whom you suspect.
  • Willoughby certainly does not deserve to be suspected.
  • For shame, Willoughby, can you wait for an invitation here?"
  • "Concealing it from us! my dear child, do you accuse Willoughby and Marianne of concealment?
  • This was broken by Willoughby, who said with a faint smile, "It is folly to linger in this manner.
  • You had rather look out for misery for Marianne, and guilt for poor Willoughby, than an apology for the latter.
  • "I love Willoughby, sincerely love him; and suspicion of his integrity cannot be more painful to yourself than to me.
  • "My engagements at present," replied Willoughby, confusedly, "are of such a nature--that--I dare not flatter myself"--
  • "Our dear Willoughby is now some miles from Barton, Elinor," said she, as she sat down to work, "and with how heavy a heart does he travel?"
  • You must think wretchedly indeed of Willoughby, if, after all that has openly passed between them, you can doubt the nature of the terms on which they are together.