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Word: windward
IPA transcription: [w'ɪndwɚd]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: windward
    Meaning: on the side exposed to the wind; "the windward islands"
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: windward, downwind
    Meaning: away from the wind; "they were sailing windward"
Usage examples
  • When we first saw her, she was, as I have already said, about two miles off and to windward, bearing down upon us.
  • At 6 steam was up, and I was right glad to see the ship back out to windward, leaving us to recover anchors and hawsers.
  • As I said this, Bob put his helm down, whilst I hauled the jib-sheet to windward, and then I sprang aft again to the gun.
  • Little by little, vegetation spread. Tiny animals--worms, insects--rode ashore on tree trunks snatched from islands to windward.
  • Bowers has completed his southern storeroom and brought the wing across the porch on the windward side, connecting the roofing with that of the porch.
  • At eight P. M., the clouds broke away to windward, and we had the advantage of a full moon--a piece of good fortune which served wonderfully to cheer our drooping spirits.
  • The gale still held on, however, and we saw no signs of its abating. The rigging was found to be ill-fitted, and greatly strained; and on the third day of the blow, about five in the afternoon, our mizzen-mast, in a heavy lurch to windward, went by the board.
  • The shot shaved us pretty close to windward nevertheless, striking the water for the last time just short of our taffrail, and scurrying along and ploughing up the surface close enough to give us a pretty copious shower-bath of spray ere it finally sank just ahead of us.
  • It was by this time perfectly manifest that whatever he might be able to do in a breeze, he had no chance with us in a light air like the present; and I entertained strong hopes of being able to slip past him unscathed, when I felt sanguine of our ability to get fairly away from him in a chase dead to windward.