Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: wist
IPA transcription: [w'…™st]
Usage examples
  • And when King Howel wist that it was Sir Tristram he was full glad of him.
  • And then anon that damosel picked her away privily, that no man wist where she was become.
  • But when Sir Launcelot missed his horse and his harness then he wist well God was displeased with him.
  • 'Little green toad whose leg doth twist, Go to the corner of which you wist, And bring to me the large old kist.'
  • And then when Sir Tristram came toward the old manor he found the track of many horses, and thereby he wist his lady was gone.
  • And when Sir Launcelot heard this he was passing heavy and wist not what to do, and so departed sore weeping, and cursed the time that he was born.