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Word: witchcraft
IPA transcription: [w'ɪtʃkɹ,æft]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: witchcraft, witchery
    Meaning: the art of sorcery
Usage examples
  • Have you forgotten your magic and witchcraft?" inquired the Wizard.
  • It is one of my witchcraft treasures and I need it in my business."
  • I cannot think it is anything else than a piece of witchcraft that I see.
  • In 1620 had to intervene to protect his mother from being tortured for witchcraft.
  • 'No', said she, 'maybe there's witchcraft in it'; and so with threats she forced him to follow her.
  • Then the most part of the knights of the Round Table said that Balin did not this adventure all only by might, but by witchcraft.
  • "However," said she, "the boat is merely a boat, and I believe I can make it obey a command of sorcery, as well as it did the command of witchcraft.
  • "Tell us, Coo-ee-oh," said Glinda earnestly, "if you can recall enough of your witchcraft to enable us to raise the sunken island to the surface of the lake.
  • But now I'll soon know for certain; if the other two are still hanging there, it must be really so; but if they are not, then it can be nothing but witchcraft that I see.'
  • There were no oars or sails, no machinery to make the boat go, and although Glinda promptly realized it was meant to be operated by witchcraft, she was not acquainted with that sort of magic.