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Word: wondrous
IPA transcription: [w'ʌndɹəs]
Pronunciations of wondrous
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: fantastic, grand, howling(a), marvelous, marvellous, rattling(a), terrific, tremendous, wonderful, wondrous
    Meaning: extraordinarily good or great ; used especially as intensifiers; "a fantastic trip to the Orient"; "the film was fantastic!"; "a howling success"; "a marvelous collection of rare books"; "had a rattling conversation about politics"; "a tremendous achievement"
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: wonderfully, wondrous, wondrously, superbly, toppingly, marvellously, terrifically, marvelously
    Meaning: (used as an intensifier) extremely well; "her voice is superbly disciplined"; "the colors changed wondrously slowly"
Usage examples
  • But when they came nearer to the island they saw a wondrous sight upon the cliffs.
  • God did not put this wondrous world about your young souls to tempt or to mislead them.
  • We have been carried back a million years, David, to the childhood of a planet--is it not wondrous?"
  • It contained many wondrous tales of Fairy Land, and olden times, and the Knights of King Arthur's table.
  • "And there was music--strange and wondrous music and terrible, but not terrible to me--who was part of it.
  • She said, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that the cause of this army coming upon Isbanir city was wondrous.
  • As by the dead we love to sit, Become so wondrous dear, As for the lost we grapple, Though all the rest are here, --
  • As Numa rose from his second victim and shook himself, Tarzan could not but again note the wondrous proportions and symmetry of the beast.
  • The sixth, however, which he also produced from the same wondrous store contained in his breeches pocket, he contented himself with what he called "snicking."
  • Or, with affability and condescending sweetness, made easy by internal delight at thine own wondrous virtue, didst thou give five dollars to balance five hundred spent on thyself?
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