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Word: worms
IPA transcription: [w'ɝmz]
Usage examples
  • WORMS.
  • WORMS.
  • Then Niimi took me to see his worms.
  • Her heart was wormy, and the worms were eating very fast at it now.
  • One day she was busily engaged in scratching the soil to find worms and insects for her breakfast.
  • He had, with great difficulty, thrown some ugly worms upon the bank and he was afraid they would crawl back in again.
  • The mass breeds worms so rapidly, however, as Edwards informed us, that after the lapse of a month or two it is a jumble of yuca scraps and writhing articulates.
  • The room was very quiet; but presently Phronsie strayed in, and seeing Polly studying, climbed up in a chair by the window to watch the birds hop over the veranda and pick up worms in the grass beside the carriage drive.
  • There is certainly something in angling--if we could forget, which anglers are apt to do, the cruelties and tortures inflicted on worms and insects--that tends to produce a gentleness of spirit and a pure serenity of mind.
  • One eminent ruler of ancient times, in that region, when asked what the sea was like, replied, "The sea is a huge beast which silly folk ride like worms on logs." But it afterwards became clear that the Moors had a strong fancy for the "worms" and "logs" too.