Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: wrapping
IPA transcription: [ɹ'æpɪŋ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: swathe, wrapping
    Meaning: an enveloping bandage
  • Synonyms: wrapping, wrap, wrapper
    Meaning: the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped
Usage examples
  • Diana the faithful had a pencil and discovered a sheet of wrapping paper in the box of the buggy.
  • In the largest teepee sat a young mother wrapping red porcupine quills about the long fringes of a buckskin cushion.
  • After wrapping myself in my blankets, I still gazed into the marvelous sky and made out to sleep only about two hours.
  • He betrayed neither haste nor agitation; and while he was wrapping up the Bishop's candlesticks, he nibbled at a piece of black bread.
  • "You must be very careful in wrapping yourself as you go downstairs," said Bell, who stood by the tray on which she had brought up the toast and tea.
  • "All right," said Kobay; but while he was wrapping the hare up he said to himself: "This fellow wants to run away, and leave me to bear the lion's anger.
  • Scarce had the flier found its speed ere the man, wrapping his sleeping silks and furs about him, stretched at full length upon the narrow deck to sleep.
  • The deck had dried fast in the fresh sea-wind, and the Captain had just arranged Katy in her chair, and was wrapping the rug about her feet in a fatherly way, when Mrs. Barrett, all smiles, appeared from below.
  • After this they went forth and took all the arms of the guards and Sahim said to them, "Go to your own camp;" while he re entered Ajib's pavilion and, wrapping him in his cloak, lifted him up and made for the Moslem encampment.