Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: wronged
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ɔŋd]
Usage examples
  • I have never wronged you--"
  • I was expecting another man who had wronged me.
  • How terribly I have wronged Miss Canby, but how could I know?
  • 'Thou hast wronged me, O far-darter, most abominable of deities.
  • "Maud, Maud! have I ever wronged you or your father?" asked Captain Ratlin, reproachfully.
  • I want only the comparative peace of the assurance that those I have wronged understand now.
  • "Perhaps because she feels how she's wronged him she hates him at moments," Alyosha thought to himself.
  • But if I find, as I suspect, that he has wronged Comrade Jackson, I shall be forced to speak sharply to him.'
  • We lived under the late count--the kingdom of heaven be his!--and we have lived under you too, without ever being wronged."
  • She was ashamed of her wickedness; she was eager to sacrifice herself, for the good of the once-dear friend whom she had wronged.