Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: wrung
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ʌŋ]
Usage examples
  • But when her mother-in-law saw it was a girl, she wrung her hands and wept, saying:
  • "You see, I guessed that it was not spontaneous; that you had wrung it out of her."
  • She wrung her hands and his dark eyes seemed to pierce her very soul. She felt faint and sank on a bench.
  • With an uncontrollable pang of pain she dropped her hands from the fastenings of her cloak, and wrung them together in front of her--a dumb gesture of contrition and of grief.
  • It can never quite reach certainty, because we know that in spite of frequent repetitions there sometimes is a failure at the last, as in the case of the chicken whose neck is wrung.
  • Is not this town Newburyport, and the river that I have been following the Merrimac?" "No, sir; this is Hartford, and the river the Connecticut." He wrung his hands and looked incredulous.
  • Let the goods remain in it till cold; then hang them where they will dry; (they should not be wrung.) Boiling hot suds is the best thing to set the color of black silk--let it remain in it till cold.
  • Wipe over a small part at a time with the sponge, following quickly with the wet chamois skin wrung out of the same water. This will dry it immediately and leave it as beautiful and clean as new. Never use patent polishes.
  • Her sudden illness, when the gayety was at its height, her pallor, the handkerchief she crushed against her lips, the cough she smothered under the laughter while Gaston kept playing the piano lightly--it all wrung my heart.
  • We leave thus the torturing of texts in the dim cells of the theological Inquisition, a process by which almost any confession required can be and has been wrung from the unfortunate victims, and emerge into the open daylight of common-sense and reason.