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Word: wulf
IPA transcription: [w'ʊlf]
Usage examples
  • Don't look angry, Wulf.
  • 'Give him us, Prince Wulf!
  • 'Curse the monk!' growled Wulf.
  • 'Can you answer that, Wulf?' shouted a dozen voices.
  • 'When they are not harlots,' growled Wulf to himself.
  • 'See you here, Wulf the son of Ovida, and warriors all!
  • I shall do as I threatened, and run away with Prince Wulf, if you are not good.
  • 'As good as Thor's when he caught Snake Midgard with the bullock's head,' said Wulf.
  • 'Fresh beef cheap there, Prince Wulf, eh?' quoth Smid; 'I must look over the arrow-heads.'
  • 'Don't look so cross at me, Prince Wulf; I'm sure it's not my fault; I could only say what the monk told me,' whispered poor Pelagia.